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SackBoy's PS3 Adventure 23-12-2009

Hello People,

SackBoy has asked me to blog about his more recent Adventure 'SackBoy's PS3 Adventure'

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The weekend before the release of the long awaited water feature for LittleBigPlanet I
was very upset to find my PS3 Would not turn on. ‘SadFace’

I had just played the Star-Trek D-A-C demo, that sadly I did not enjoy, upon exiting
the game my PS3 froze and turned itself off.

Turning it back on again resulted in a green light, a single beep, a flash of yellow then a flashing red light and two more beeps.

After further inspection I was able to confirm that my PS3 had the
‘Yellow Light of Death’ (YLOD) Boo...

I did some more tests, taking out the hard-drive and booting up to see if it was a drive error, along with a PSU test, turn the console off at the back, hold down eject then turn back on. If the fans start up very loud then its not the PSU. Sadly It was not a PSU or hard-drive.

At around 12:30 that night after many house spent on YouTube I finally admitted
defeat. And so our adventure continues..

What To Do?

After some more research it seemed it was possible for me to fix the
PS3, although it was complicated and only a temporary fix.

I decided it was about time I upgraded to a PS3 Slim.

Cdoney77’s wife NatashaDoney went on a proper mission to find one
for me, she is great!

Eventually after many phone calls and miles driven she managed to get
one with a free game, Uncharted 2, a game I have been looking forward
to since my Expo Adventure back in October.

Make sure you back up the data before putting the drive in as the Slim will wipe it
on installation.

I always try and put the HDMI cable in that other slot, What that even
for anyway? Ah there we go!

Ta-Dar. I’m very happy now, The added bonus being I can now have 2 Sack-Friends
round and play LittleBigPlanet 3 player!

I will attempt to get the Fat PS3 going eventually, I will let you know how
it goes...

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