Saturday, 26 December 2009

SackBoy's Christmas Friend

Hello Everybody,

I hope you had a good christmas!

I had a great one, Got lots of great present, mostly BluRays and PS3 games. Lucky I got a new PS3 just before!

My grandma knitted a Sack-Friend She is amazing! She is 85 and she managed to hand knit an amazing SackBoy!

She used as knitting pattern:

He is a bit 'Special' But I love him all the same!

Hand-Knitted Sackboy

Me and My Friend!

He has only been here a day but he has already chosen his seat.

More SackBoy adventures to follow....

On another note; one of my other SackBoy friends managed to sneak into the nativity without NatashaDoney seeing ;)

I also hid in the Christmas tree for a bit. Naughty Naughty! :D

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SackBoy xx


niftyknits said...

*bless* how kind to knit sackboy a friend!

cdoney77 said...

:D Very cool Hu!