Saturday, 26 December 2009

SackBoy's Christmas Friend

Hello Everybody,

I hope you had a good christmas!

I had a great one, Got lots of great present, mostly BluRays and PS3 games. Lucky I got a new PS3 just before!

My grandma knitted a Sack-Friend She is amazing! She is 85 and she managed to hand knit an amazing SackBoy!

She used as knitting pattern:

He is a bit 'Special' But I love him all the same!

Hand-Knitted Sackboy

Me and My Friend!

He has only been here a day but he has already chosen his seat.

More SackBoy adventures to follow....

On another note; one of my other SackBoy friends managed to sneak into the nativity without NatashaDoney seeing ;)

I also hid in the Christmas tree for a bit. Naughty Naughty! :D

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SackBoy xx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

SackBoy's PS3 Adventure 23-12-2009

Hello People,

SackBoy has asked me to blog about his more recent Adventure 'SackBoy's PS3 Adventure'

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This can be viewed in booklet format here:

And on Picassa:

The weekend before the release of the long awaited water feature for LittleBigPlanet I
was very upset to find my PS3 Would not turn on. ‘SadFace’

I had just played the Star-Trek D-A-C demo, that sadly I did not enjoy, upon exiting
the game my PS3 froze and turned itself off.

Turning it back on again resulted in a green light, a single beep, a flash of yellow then a flashing red light and two more beeps.

After further inspection I was able to confirm that my PS3 had the
‘Yellow Light of Death’ (YLOD) Boo...

I did some more tests, taking out the hard-drive and booting up to see if it was a drive error, along with a PSU test, turn the console off at the back, hold down eject then turn back on. If the fans start up very loud then its not the PSU. Sadly It was not a PSU or hard-drive.

At around 12:30 that night after many house spent on YouTube I finally admitted
defeat. And so our adventure continues..

What To Do?

After some more research it seemed it was possible for me to fix the
PS3, although it was complicated and only a temporary fix.

I decided it was about time I upgraded to a PS3 Slim.

Cdoney77’s wife NatashaDoney went on a proper mission to find one
for me, she is great!

Eventually after many phone calls and miles driven she managed to get
one with a free game, Uncharted 2, a game I have been looking forward
to since my Expo Adventure back in October.

Make sure you back up the data before putting the drive in as the Slim will wipe it
on installation.

I always try and put the HDMI cable in that other slot, What that even
for anyway? Ah there we go!

Ta-Dar. I’m very happy now, The added bonus being I can now have 2 Sack-Friends
round and play LittleBigPlanet 3 player!

I will attempt to get the Fat PS3 going eventually, I will let you know how
it goes...

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Monday, 2 November 2009

SackBoy's Expo Adventure 2009

Hello People,

Its been a wile since I posted, I'm sorry about that. Lots has happened, most of it I cannot remember.

There Is one think still fresh in my mind, Me and SackBoy's trip to the EuroGamer Expo 30th October 2009 (My brother an Iain were also there)

SackBoy has put together a lovely Picture-Book and he has asked me to blog about it.

This book can also be viewed over at;

Please see below for images.


This is a Picture-Book of my trip to the Euro Gamer Expo 30th October 2009

Tickets to this event were obtained through my friend Spaff at Media Molecule.

Chris heard about the tickets through twitter and fired off a message to Media Molecule for
me. I don’t know much about computers you see, I am full of stuffing after all.

Spaff emailed us back confirming our tickets and telling us we could get a special goodie
bag if we followed these instructions;
1. When you see us, come up to either me or Tom, our names will be on badges
2. Hand us a LittleBigPlanet / Mm related picture that you have drawn.
a. It can be anything, and of any quality, from a stickman on a post it note, to a full
blown watercolour, good, bad or just plain weird, but you must have the drawing.
3. As you hand it to us, give us a sly wink and say ‘Plagachef’ (pronounced play-gershef)


I hope you enjoy my Picture-Book.

SackBoy xx
OOOohhhh what’s in this box?
Chris drew a SackBoy version of himself and Natasha, I really liked them!
Andy drew KackBoy, He was very colourful.
We parked in Iain’s work car-park and got the train into town.

When the train arrived there were no seats, We had to hang out by the toilet, sadface
Iain very kindly let me sit in his jumper though.
Once we got to London we went on two underground trains, One had yellow bars and
the other had green. I liked the green train the best as I got to sit in the priority seat!
There was a big line when we got there, luckily we were super cool and had press
passes so we got to go straight in.
As soon as we got in we headed to the PSP area to Meet Spaff and Tom along with the
rest of the Media Molecule crew. ‘Plagachef? - Ooooh yes please’
There were lots of lovely drawings people had done. Look what was in the goodie
bag; stickers, badges, sweeties and a code for a costume pack. Chris got a history
pack code, I’m looking forward to dressing up as Mozart!
Once we had our goodies we headed off to play some games, Uncharted 2, Wet and
Left 4 Dead 2. I really enjoyed Uncharted 2, The graphics were amazing!
We then stopped for lunch. I had a coke and some really nice soup, Iain had a super
sticky bun.
After lunch we went looking for more exciting games. Heavy Rain was my favourite
of this session, Again the graphics are amazing, you cannot tell the cut scenes from
the gameplay. Really looking forward to the release of this one!
Next we played Beatles RockBand, MAG and Battlefield Bad Company 2, I was
unimpressed with MAG, I had heard so much about it. Bad Company 2 looks and
plays really well though, can’t wait for it to come out!
The chaps checked out Avatar 3D, they said it was really good but the glasses were a
bit big for me to try on. There was also a triple screen Forza 3 setup running from 3
Xbox’s. This was a really engaging racing experience as the screens filled my vision.
Shame it wasn’t Toca Grid though :P
We also managed to get on Army of Two 40th Day and Assassins Creed II. These were
both great, Looking forward to playing 40th day! I also remembered I have a copy of
the first Assassins Creed I have not played yet.. Will have to get on that!
Once we had played all the games we wanted to on the main floor we went back to
hang out with the Media Molecule guys.

I asked Tom nicely and he let me play around with the water beta.. This is going to be
a really exciting update. I’m looking forward to some swimming chaps!
We then played a bit of LittleBigPlanet PSP, this looked really good, I really want a PS
now! Chris told me he bought his PS3 to play LittleBigPlanet and doesn’t think he
could justify buying a PSP for the same reason, Boo...
It was then time to go home, We stopped off at Burger King and I had an XL Bacon
Double Cheeseburger meal with a Milkshake and a Hamburger on the side... It was a
long day... I’M NOT A PIE!
It was a great day and we played some really good games. but I felt relieved when I
cracked open a beer at home. Look at all the goodies I got!
What a great day, Sorry about some of the photos, It was a very dark venue, I will try and
use the flash more next time. I don’t normally like to use the flash as it makes everything
far too bright but I think in a situation like this there is no choice..

I hope you enjoyed my Picture-Book.

Keep an eye out for the next SackBoy Adventure.

Love SackBoy

I hope You liked it, Feel free to use any of the images (Just please credit @Cdoney77)

Love SackBoy xx

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I love my Mozart Costume, Thanks Media Molecule

p.s. Happy Birthday LittleBigPlanet
Love SackBoy xx